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February 26, 2008


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Donna Ison Dunlevy

I would LOVE to see you, RYAN, and get re-connected! We had some REALLY good times together, and then grown-up LIFE happened! PLEASE reconsider coming to the REUNION...or we will ALL talk about you really bad and make up rumors!!! Email me sometime... kydonnad@verizon.net I would LOVE to hear from YOU! MISS YA!


A few things I remember about High School are: the hair was big, the Mongers ruled, Mr Trabandt was a hard ass, and Brian Barber, Ryan Nelson and Scott Neill could ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

Amy Jones Ledford

Hey Julie...... I have the luxury of living across the street from Mr. Trabandt. Therefore, I often have essay question flashbacks. Also...how did any of us get our hair THAT big?????

Kim Nethercutt

Ryan,please come, i am going and if i can face it so can you! It doesn't matter, we are old.


I don't remember Ryan Nelson - I only named my first born after him !!!!!


OH Jed! That poor kid.


Well, Naming my kid Jed Jr. was going to be out of the question.

Nancy Morrison Griffith

I don't know Jed, Jed Jr. does has a certain "ring" to it. :)


Ryan! Dude! We need you to come to Massunutten, Neil bailed and you make 13. See you there, I've missed you man.

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