September 04, 2008


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Will Tanner

Post it, watch it, just don't hold it against any of us that end up running for public office. Excellent time -- thanks Julie, Chris, Missy, Leslie, Jimmy, and everybody that had a hand in a very memorable and excellent weekend. Ole!

Kim Maupin

I haven't seen a post here in a few days and I haven't seen too many posts about the photos so I have a few comments.
First I would like to say to those of you (Christy Ford) and others who have near perfect grammar skills please don't make fun of me too much.lol I did fail English my junior year and barely graduated my senior year. Secondly I don't mean to step on anybody's toes by any comments I make, this is only my opinion.
I'm sure most everyone doesn't know this, but I worked for Winnie Greer my senior year in the co-op program and some, in the years that past. I mention this because while doing so, I learned a lot of the things that go on behind the scenes that most people don't see after photographers take their photos. They try to capture what they hope to be the perfect picture or the perfect memory for you. But after that, there is much more work to be done. They have to go through all the photos, get rid of all the ones that they don't want you to see, the ones that you don't look so good in. They touch up photos so that you don't so that you don't see little imperfections, otherwise the photo may you may not have looked so good in the photo. Then a slideshow put together just so you could see it as the night went on and all of your friends came together after 20 years of seeing each other, for some, maybe not others.
For me, this was a slideshow that I would watch again and again. Only hoping to have some of these photos to download, so that I could put them into an album to keep handy and show my kids and my friends as well.
I would love to ask Julie to do this but at the risk of offending her, I wanted to post this instead......................
Julie I truly thank you for taking all of the photos at our reunion, and the whole weekend, for all of us, so that we can remember this wonderful time we shared with our friends and their families and their children forever.
I know it is possible that you can make these photos on CD format but from past experience I don't know whether you would be willing to accept any money for doing so.
So, I would like to suggest something if you are willing to make these available to us on CD's and will not accept money for them. Since we didn't get to have poker night to raise any money for Gary Bailey, maybe you could instead set a price and it be donated to him to help with his health care expenses. I think it would be a great way for us to help out a fellow classmate and show our appreciation for all that you have done.

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